Treasure Hunt in a Bottle

Materials Needed

Empty water or pop bottle w/lid (no larger than 1 liter)
Birdseed to fill the bottle 2/3 full
Little items the will fit through bottle opening
Small piece of paper to list items
Small funnel (optional)
Scotch Tape


1. Gather approximately 10 – 12 small items for your treasure hunt bottle. For exmaple: a goldfish cracker, marble, seashell, stone, paperclip, penny, puzzle piece, bead, Cheerio, button, noodle, jingle bell, Barbie shoe, etc. Then list all of the items on a small piece of paper.

2. Remove the label from the plastic bottle and make sure the bottle is completely dry inside. Tape the small list of items gathered onto the side of the plastic bottle.

3. Carefully using a funnel, begin filling the bottle with half of the birdseed mixture and start adding the small items. Then add the remaining birdseed so that the bottle is 2/3 full.

4. Screw the cap on tightly and shake the bottle so that it is thoroughly mixed. 5. Begin searching for all of the items on the list.

Challenge Yourself

To make it more difficult, try to find hidden items in the same order that they are listed.

Challenge a friend and use a timer to make it more fun.
Use items that are the same colors as the birdseed mixture.