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Tim Hassinger

Communications and Outreach Specialist
OSS Solid Waste District Main Office
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District Overview

This program informs and helps residents to better understand our objectives, responsibilities, available recycling opportunities, and programs.

Aim To Know Program

It is important to know what to throw when you’re recycling. Trying to recycle the wrong thing leads to contamination of material that can be recyclable. Improperly recycled and contaminated materials have to be sorted and landfilled by the recycling facilities, which increases the cost of recycling which is paid by your community, and ultimately, you. With the Aim To Know prorgam we dive into what is properly recycled in our Aim To Be Green recycling program¬†

“Who Wants to be a Millionare”
Recycling Version

Played just like on the TV show, participants will be asked questions related to the District, recycling, landfills and much more. 

Recycled Material
to Finished Product

This is a visual program that allows participants to see the full circle of recycling. Learn how many different recyclable materials are processed and see what the products become.

“SOLID” Bingo

Performed like the game Bingo, participants learn about recycling opportunities, available programs and much more in a fun way.

Environmental Jeopardy!

This interactive game allows participants the opportunity to learn many aspects about the District, our environment, and current environmental topics.