Household Hazardous Waste:


HHW Business Listing

There are businesses accepting batteries, automotive fluids, paint products and other household hazardous waste materials.  Click: HHW Business Listing for more info



—–• Alkaline Batteries – Single-use Alkaline batteries are made of common metals and are not cost effective to recycle.  A small number of alkaline batteries can safely be disposed of in the trash.

—–• Lead Acid Batteries – . Residents can properly dispose of lead acid batteries at their convenience without having to wait for a specific time.  Click on: Lead Acid Battery Recycling to view businesses
——-accepting this type of battery in our local area.

—–• Other Batteries (button batteries, nickel cadmium, lithium ion) – The District is interested in capturing and properly disposing of the batteries made of heavy metals and other hazardous
—–• chemicals. Button batteries, nickel cadmium, lithium ion, and all other rechargeable batteries lead acid batteries can be dropped off at your nearest Lowe’s Department store.

• Rechargeable Batteries – There are businesses participating in the Call2Recycle battery recycling program.  View their drop-off locator for options in our local area.  in addition, view the District’s
   listing of businesses accepting rechargeable batteries in our local area.

• Mailback Programs – There will be a cost to recycle batteries through these programs.  Click the options for program details.
  —   —
  –   —
  –   —-Terracycle
  –   —–Waste Management Mailback Recycling Service



There are many automotive businesses accepting used motor oil.  View the used motor oil listing of businesses to find the closest location available to you.



Latex Paint – Because latex paint is water-based, it can be properly disposed of from home.  View the Latex Paint Disposal brochure for tips.


TV & Electronics:


Due to COVID-19 – Best Buy stores are temporarily suspending the product trade-in and recycling services at store locations.  Continue to check Best Buy’s website for updates regarding their television & electronic recycling program: click here.



Electronics Recycling Options:
   • Best Buy
   • Staples
   • Terracycle
   • Goodwill Store locations – Due to COVID-19 – Goodwill store locations are not open to the public at this time.  However, as businesses re-open the following Goodwill store locations will accept
——-computers and related computer equipment for recycling:  • Bellevue location                    • Fremont location                          • Port Clinton location
————————————————————————————————————————–855 W. Main Street——————-1216 Oak Harbor Road——————–205 S.E. Catawba Road
————————————————————————————————————————-Bellevue, Ohio 44811——————Fremont, Ohio 43420———————Port Clinton, Ohio 43452


Appliances / Scrap Metals:

Click on: Scrap Metals for a complete listing of businesses.