Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Registration for this collection is not currently open.

Pre-registration is required.

We require registration because rising costs have limited the number of households we can provide service to each year.


Ottawa County

Ottawa County Fairgrounds

W. State Route 163, Oak Harbor

Sandusky County

Lot adjacent to OSS Fremont Office

1799 East State Street, Fremont

Seneca County

Seneca County Fairgrounds

South lot, County Road 594, Tiffin

Materials Accepted

• Latex & oil based paint, sealers, primers, coatings & spray aerosols
• Spray aerosol cans – that are not empty
• Fluorescent / compact fluorescent bulbs
• Roof tar, driveway sealers
• Inhalers (asthma only) and used cooking oil
• Marine and auto flares

Automotive Fluids

• Antifreeze
• Gasoline / Kerosene

Household Batteries

• No longer accepting alkaline and lead-acid batteries
Household batteries can only be accepted at this collection
Lead acid batteries, wet cell or sealed/dry cell can be recycled by and auto service center
Button batteries – tape battery to small piece of paper before recycling.
• Ni-cad & Lithium Ion
Tape terminals (the ends of the battery) using electrical, clear packing or duct tape.

• All Re-chargeable Batteries (e.g. – AA / AAA batteries, power tool batteries, etc.)
Tape terminals (the ends of the battery) using electrical, clear packing or duct tape.

Household Cleaners

• Oven cleaner
• Drain cleaner
• Muriatic acid

Household Killers

• Pesticides (bug / rodent killers)
• Herbicides (weed killers)
• Insecticides (bug killers)
• Fungicides (mold killers)

Mercury – Liquids, Thermostats & Thermometers

• Exchange your old mercury fever thermometers for a new digital thermometer.

Paint Related Materials

• Varnish, polyurethane, shellacs
• Wood stains, primers
• Strippers, paint thinner, turpentine, kerosene / lighter fluid.

Materials NOT Accepted

• Hand held propane cylinders
• Motor Oil Lead-acid, and Alkaline Batteries
• Non-regulated putties and adhesives

Additional Information

• Fluids will not be accepted in containers larger than 5 gallons
• Any household hazardous waste container or paint can that is completely dry can be disposed of in your trash if the lid is off
• Proper container disposal – some residents unnecessarily drop off used, but empty containers. These items generate more waste during the collection. Here are a couple of tips for disposing of these materials:

• Latex paint – if paint is completely dry and hardened in the can, it is safe to throw away in your regular trash.

• Other HHW containers – if container is completely dry and empty, it is safe to throw away in your regular trash

• For more information, contact us.

Important notes about the Household Hazardous Waste Collection

• NO CHARGE: There is no charge to recycle materials during this collection.

• Limit: Fluids will not be accepted in containers larger than 5 gallons.

Note that the Appliance collection will be on the same date and time. If you wish to participate in both we ask that you register for both.

ATTENTION: Single-use alkaline batteries are made of common metals and are not cost effective to recycle.
A small number of alkaline batteries can safely be disposed of in the trash. No type of battery will be accepted during the HHW Collections, however, recycling options are available.
Click on: Battery Recycling Alternatives for more details.

Registration for the HHW Collection is not currently open. Registration will open September 1st.