Television & Electronics Collection

Registration for this collection has closed.

Registration is required to participate in the collection.

We require registration because rising costs have limited the number of households we can provide service to each year.

Accepting Televisions

• Accepting all standard glass tube televisions (CRT), LCD/LED and plasma TV’s

There is a charge to recycle glass tube Televisions during this event. Size is determined by measuring the glass screen diagonally from corner to corner.

Television Prices

• TV’s 24″ or less – $5.00
• TV’s 25″ & larger – *$10.00
NO CHARGE for flat panel LCD/LED or Plasma TV’s

Payment: In an effort to reduce handling and quickly move vehicles through our lines, we ask that you pay with exact change or a pre-completed check to the “OSS Solid Waste District”.

Full-Time Recycling Option

Electronics recycling is also available at most Best Buy store locations with some TV’s and electronics accepted. For detailed information about Best Buy’s recycling program go to the bottom of this page.

Best Buy Stores Closest to Our District Include:

Any items not listed under the ITEMS ACCEPTED will be rejected at the collection event.

Materials Accepted

Televisions & Monitors
• CRT (glass tube) TVs – not encased in wood and not “projection” style
• Monitors – CRT (glass) and LCD Computer monitors
• Flat Screen LCD or Plasma Screen TV’s

Computers & Related Equipment
Please remove personal data from your computer/laptop before recycling.

• Cables
• Cords
• Calculators
• Circuit boards
• Computers (CPUs)
• Copiers 3-in-1 machines (copy/fax/print)
• Desktop Computer Speakers
• Document Scanners
• Fax Machines
• Hard Drives
• Hub
• Keyboards
• Laptops
• Mice
• Modems
• Networking Equipment
• PC Cards/Memory Cards
• Printers
• Power Supplies
• Routers
• Servers
• Typewriters

Audio/Visual Equipment
• Cables
• Cords
• Cable Boxes
• Cell Phones
• Digital Cameras
• DVD Players
• DVR Recorders
• Gaming Consoles
• Hand Held Devices (e-readers, tablets)
• Radios
• Routers
• Stereo Components/Systems
• Telephones
• VCR/VHS Players

Materials NOT Accepted

Household Appliances/Items

• Air Purifiers
• Blenders
• Coffee Makers
• Dehumidifiers
• Electric Heaters
• Electric Lamps
• Household Appliances
• Irons
• Hair Dryers
• Humidifiers
• Microwaves (only accepted at appliance collections)
• Refrigerators
• Smoke Alarms
• Toaster Ovens
• Treadmills
• Vacuum Cleaners

Other Items

• AC Units
• Batteries
• CFL Bulbs/Tubes
• Christmas Lights
• Compressors
• Electric Keyboards/Organs
• Electric Toys
• Lawn Equipment Tools (corded & rechargeable)
• White Goods (large appliances)
• Wood Speakers

Important Notes

ATTENTION: Not accepting any type of console, DLP (digital light projection), projection screen TV’s or bare/broken tubes.

  • wood cabinetry around television  

• Flat front surface
• Angled back side of TV.
• Much lighter than LCD or plasma
• Plastic or “plexi” screen surface  

• Plastic or “plexi” screen surface
• Can be very large in size  

• Cathode ray tube removed from TV case
• Broken TV screen  

Collection Locations

Ottawa County

Ottawa County Fairgrounds

W. State Route 163, Oak Harbor

Sandusky County

Lot adjacent to OSS Fremont Office

1799 East State Street, Fremont

Seneca County

Seneca County Fairgrounds

South lot, County Road 594, Tiffin

Registration for the TV & Electronics Collection is now closed.

Registration for the TV & Electronics Collection is now open. Click on the county icon you live in to start your registration.

Electronics, Appliances and Fitness Equipment Recycling at Best Buy

• A full-time option for electronics recycling is available at local Best Buy stores in the area.

• At most Best Buy stores, you can recycle up to three items per household per day

Important Note: Residents are responsible for removing personal data from CPU’s before being turned into Best Buy store locations.

Accepted Equipment

• TV and video
• Computers and tablets
• Cell phones and radio
• Appliances
Ink and toner
• Audio
• Home
• Music and movies
Video games and gadgets
• Cameras and camcorders
• Car audio, video and GPS

For more information, go to Best Buy Recycling Services.

Best Buy Stores


4210 Milan Rd
Sandusky, OH 44870
(419) 621-1877


1800 Tiffin Ave
Findlay, OH 45840
(419) 424-9866


2175 Walker Lake Rd
Mansfield, OH 44903
(419) 747-1559


4505 Monroe St
Toledo, OH 43613
(419) 471-1411