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Obscure items like the ones shown are not recyclable. Only recycle plastic jugs and bottles, aluminum food and beverage cans, glass food and drink containers, paper cartons, cardboard and paper in the Aim To Be Green recycling bins. What can I recycle?
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The OSS Solid Waste District is happy to reintroduce its Competitive Grant Funding Program for 2022. The Competitive Funding Program was created to provide funding to local governments, educational institutions and non-profit organizations for solid waste programs. The District cannot, by law, fund any privately owned business.
The District provides a specified amount of money in the budget each year for the Competitive Funding Program. For yearly funding amounts - contact the District Director Gary Baty 419-334-7222 ext. 1 or by email, Funding applications are awarded in two equal rounds once in January and again in June. The District has a committee who reviews the grants and makes recommendation to the Board of Directors. The application for the first round of grants is due on January 31st and the second round will close June 30th.
Please visit for more information on the Competitive Funding Grant as well as previous grant winners and to apply for this upcoming grant.
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We get many questions about what plastic can be recycled. For us with the Aim To Be Green township recycling program, the best way to describe what plastics can be recycled is by the shape of the container. If the container has a bottleneck shape to it, then it can be recycled. If the shape is not bottlenecked then it cannot be recycled. shampoo bottles, detergent containers, jugs and other bottles are what the only plastics we accept. ... See MoreSee Less

Unwanted or unnecessary items in your home can find a new life by donating to groups like this. Don't just throw items in the trash.Good afternoon all. I hope everyone was blessed with an amazing Christmas filled with lots of love and memories.

If you are purging items that you no longer need, please consider donating them to The Community Fortress.

We are currently taking donations of clothing and household items for our guests as they transition to new homes, have job interviews, or simply because they only came in with the items they were wearing.

Donations can be dropped off at The Community Fortress 410 Birchard Ave Fremont.

Thank you so much in advance for thinking of us.

God bless and Happy New Year.
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Let your Christmas Tree be the gift that keeps on giving to our fish and wildlife in the buckeye state.

Before you toss your tree to the curb this year, remember that it can find life after Christmas as shelter for Ohio fish, birds, small mammals, and more.

For more info on how to recycle your tree from our Ohio Division of Wildlife, head to…. #inthistogetherOhio
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Please remember when you are getting ready to recycle the packaging from over the holidays to follow the instructions labeled on the Aim To Be Green bins. Many townships have had issues with overloaded bins and this can be solved by breaking down boxes and not treating these bins as your trash can. Plastic bags, styrofoam, artificial trees, and storage containers are not recyclable and do not go in these bins.

These photos were taken from Ballville Township's Aim To Be Green site.
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Happy Holidays from the OSS Solid Waste District Staff! ... See MoreSee Less

Please take notice of our adjusted Aim To Be Green Recycling Drop-Off service for the Christmas and New Year Holidays. Aim to be Green Recycling Drop-off sites with a 3x per week service of Monday-Thursday-Saturday will have their schedules adjusted to Monday-Wednesday-Friday both this week and next to work around the Christmas and New Year Holidays. If you aren’t sure when your township site gets serviced you can go to and click on the orange Community Recycling button on the homepage and finding the township site for your community. There it will show the days the bins are serviced on.
With increased Christmas packaging-related volumes along with the warmer and sunnier forecast for this weekend, some sites may reach capacity. We ask that residents be mindful and not leave material on the ground beside full bins. This material becomes litter and never gets recycled. Use best recycling practices to save space in the bins. Flatten all boxes and only recycle what is labeled on our bins. If the bins are full we ask that you take your recyclables back home and come back after the bins have been serviced by following the adjusted schedules aforementioned.
Please help us keep the sites clean in our community. If you have any comments or questions you can go to our website, call us at 419-334-7222, or email
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