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Our Appliance collection next Saturday 5-22 will only be in Ottawa county but is not limited to only Ottawa county residents. Residents of Sandusky and Seneca county are also allowed but you MUST register.
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Wish-cycling is the process of adding an item to your recycling bin without knowing if it's actually recyclable. In other words - wishing it can be recycled.

When you try to recycle a “disposable” coffee cup, greasy pizza box, or the ink cartridge from your office printer, wishfully expecting them to get recycled—you’re actually an unknowing participant in the act of wish-cycling.
The problem is that most people have no clue how recycling works or what products are made of. In this case, the person is a victim of too much goodwill and not enough education.
From used takeout containers to paper coffee cups, items that may seem recyclable can contaminate whole loads of valuable materials, making them impossible to process and sell. It only takes one non-recyclable item to contaminate an entire load of recyclables and force recyclers to send them to the landfill.
The mindset that recycling is easy may be contributing to the behavior. People assume the recycling facilities are as efficient at sorting out the junk as a Gmail spam filter. They’re not.

Our Aim to Know presentation will give you the best information on how to recycle right with our Aim To Be Green program. Do you have a group that would be interested in the Aim to Know presentation? Contact Tim Hassinger, our Communications and Outreach Specialist
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Some helpful information on battery disposal as we head into our HHW collection weekend! ... See MoreSee Less