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#AimToKnow #TuesdayTip
Shredded paper will only be taken directly at our recycling facility - NOT in the Aim To Be Green community bins. When delivering the shredded paper to our facility you can bag it up in a clear plastic bag.

Paper pieces- or any recyclable for that matter must pass the credit card test in order to be recyclable. That is the item must be larger than the size of a credit card for it to be large enough to make it through the machines inside the MRF.

Shredded paper-or paper in general is also compostable adding valuable carbon nutritents to your compost.
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#AimToKnow #TuesdayTip
Last week we talked about how you can recycle rechargable batteries but what about single-use alkaline batteries? Though we encourage disposing of spent alkaline batteries in your trash there are still options for you if you choose not to and we have attached that link below!
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