Fourth of July Litter Cleanup Challenge!

What: Participate in our Fourth of July Litter Cleanup Challenge for your chance to win an Amazon gift card and other OSS prizes.
When: The challenge closes  July 10th (the Sunday following Fourth of July). 
Where: Anywhere in your community! The local parks to your own backyard. 
How: Step 1. Request a DIY Community Cleanup Kit by emailing the link provided and saying “I’d like to participate in the Fourth of July Litter Cleanup Kit”. You can also request a kit by calling Outreach Specialist, Tim Hassinger at 419-334-7222 ext. 3.
Step 2. When the kit arrives you can use the supplies inside to safely clean up your community. All the items provided are better explained below. Please properly throw away any trash items, and recycle any recyclable cans and bottles.
Step 3. Record your cleanup! Click on: Cleanup Data Form to submit your cleanup collection information. Any pictures taken during the cleanup would be appreciated! Submit your data by July 10th to be entered to win an Amazon gift card as well as other awesome OSS prizes.
Step 4. (Optional) Share any pictures taken during the challenge on Facebook and tag us in your post!



The Fourth of July Litter Cleanup Challenge is only for residents of Ottawa Sandusky and Seneca County residents, including all of Bellevue and Fostoria.














FREE Kit Includes:

   • (2) pair of disposable gloves, to be worn when picking up litter
   • (2) bags (blue for recycling, orange for trash)
   • Data card
   • How-to guide (printed on envelope)


Safety is the number one priority of any cleanup performed.  Please review the following tips.  This list is not all inclusive, however, is listed to help keep you safe while cleaning any area.

Recommended Areas To Clean:
   • Around your home or residential neighborhood.
   • At your local parks, trails or school grounds.
   • Public spaces with sidewalks / low volume traffic.

Without proper hi-vis clothing or vests, and signage it is highly recommended to stay away from high volume traffic areas with little to no visibility (roadways with hills, curves, obstructions, etc.).

Safety Tips:
   • Do not pick up unknown or hazardous materials such as broken glass.
   • If traffic is a factor while cleaning along a street or roadway:
         – Be ALERT at all times.
         – Face oncoming traffic.
         – Do not enter a roadway or cross travel lanes to pick up litter.
         – Do not horseplay or demonstrate actions of disruptive behavior, distracting drivers.
   • Do not wear headsets or Bluetooth devices that could impair hearing.
   • If you find hazardous materials (ex. – syringes), items with a chemical odor or an illegal dumping site, contact your local law enforcement office.

Protect Yourself:
   • Use common sense.  If in doubt, act safely.
   • Wear safety gloves provided in this kit.
   • Be alert of poisonous plants, stinging insects or stray/wild animals.
   • Perform a cleanup during daylight hours, when weather is conducive and visibility is good. 

Recyclable items include:
   • Aluminum cans
   • Cardboard
   • Glass bottles & jars
   • Plastic bottles (pop/water bottles)

These items are the most common recyclables found on the ground.  Place recyclables in your curbside recycling container at home or your local township Aim to Be Green recycling drop-off site.
Click on: A2BG to view a listing of sites from our FAQ’s page.  Please do not recycle materials covered in mud, debris or full of liquid.


Trash items may include:
   • Cigarette butts / plastic filters                                    • Plastic grocery bags
   • EPS block / foam packaging                                         • Plastic Lids
   • Foam take-out containers                                             • Plastic take-out containers
   • Food wrappers                                                                   • Straws / stirrers

These items are the most common trash items found on the ground.  They can be thrown away in your regular trash at home.

Record Your Cleanup Data:

Click on: Cleanup Data Form to submit your cleanup collection information.

Share Your Cleanup Pics:

All the tools you need to organize your own cleanup anywhere, anytime.  Share your DIY cleanup pics with us on our OSS Facebook page and OSS Twitter.  Be sure to include #OSSCOMMUNITYCLEANUP.