CD Sun Catcher

Adult supervision required

Materials Needed

2 old CDs
Construction paper
Large wiggly eyes
Glue (hot glue gun optional)
Yarn or fishing string


1. Using whatever color of paper you prefer, cut out the fish’s lips, top and bottom fins and tail. View template at the top of the page.

2. Set aside the top fin. With the end of a paper clip, place a hole towards the top of the top fin. Cut a piece of yarn or fishing line 3-4 feet long. Run the yarn or fishing line through the hole and tie the ends of the string at the fin.

3. Glue the lips, fins and tail to the side of the CD with the writing on it.

4. Spread glue all over the side of the CD that everything else is glued to. Set the second CD on top of the glue and match up all edges. Make sure you have the side of the CD with any writing facing the inside, as seen below.

5. Using whatever color of paper you prefer, cut out the fish’s side fins. View template at the bottom of the page.


In addition, glue the wiggly eyes on your fish. You can also use small white pom-pom or black beads if you do not have wiggly eyes.


6. The last thing you need now is to place a fin on the side of the fish!

Begin by folding the fish’s side fins in half. Insert the folded side fin into the hole in the center of the CDs. Pull the folded side fin through the center hole of the two CDs.

You can now hang up your completed fish. Enjoy!