City of Tiffin

Tiffin, OH 44883
Tiffin City Hall Phone: (419) 447-5227

City of Tiffin Curbside Recycling Program

• Contracted Service: Trash and recycling service is provided by Rumpke – 1-800-828-8171
• Curbside Pick-up Schedule:
Friday: North side of Tiffin
Thursday: East side of Tiffin
Tuesday: West side of Tiffin
Wednesday: South side of Tiffin

Service available to City of Tiffin residents.

Recyclable Materials Accepted
(materials can be put into recycling tote together)

• 1 and #2 Plastic Bottles/Jugs
• #3 thru #7 Plastics
• Aluminum Cans
• Books – Paper Back ONLY
• Cartons
(juice, milk, soup)
• Corrugated Cardboard
• Egg Cartons
– Paper ONLY
• Glass Bottles / Jars

• Junk Mail
Office Paper
(cereal boxes)
Phone Books
Shredded Paper
Steel Cans

• Metal Payment: Based upon current market value.
• Appliances: Will accept with freon.
• Propane Tanks: Will accept empty tanks. No payment for propane tanks.

Helpful Information

Aim to Be Green FAQ for common questions asked about the Aim to Be Green Recycling Drop-off Program.
Aim to Be Green Materials Flyer for a listing of recyclable materials accepted in the recycle bins and proper handling of those materials.

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