Select a collection date and location below to register.

IMPORTANT: Collections vary by date, time and location.  Please select carefully. 

It is highly recommended that you register for the earliest available date that fits your schedule due to limited space.

• OSS residents may register for any collection event listed below at their convenience.

• All recycling collections are NOT OPEN TO BUSINESSES or INSTITUTIONS.

IMPORTANT: Additional details about the TV / Electronics Recycling Collection are noted at the bottom of this page.


• Cost: There is a charge to recycle glass tube Televisions during this event. Size is determined by measuring the glass screen diagonally from corner to corner.
 • TV’s 24″ or less$5.00
  TV’s 25″ & greater – $10.00

Payment: In an effort to reduce handling and quickly move vehicles through our lines, we ask that you pay with exact change or a pre-completed check to the “OSS Solid Waste District”.

ATTENTION: Not accepting any type of console, DLP (digital light projection), projection screen TV’s or bare/broken tubes.

   • wood cabinetry around television                                • flat front surface                                                          • plastic or “plexi” screen surface                                   • cathrode ray tube removed from TV case
                                                                                         • angled back side of TV.                                                 • can be very large in size                                               • broken TV screen
                                                                                         • much lighter than LCD or plasma
                                                                                         • plastic or “plexi” screen surface.

• Computer Recycling Alternative: Consider using a more convenient full-time option to recycle computers and related computer items (e.g. – monitors, printers, keyboards, etc.) at participating
   Goodwill Store locations in Bellevue, Fremont and Port Clinton during business hours.  Click on: Computer Recycling for details.

• Collection Event Details: For more details regarding materials accepted / not accepted, proper handling, etc. click on: TV-Electronics page.