Select a collection date and location below to register.

IMPORTANT: Collections vary by location.  Please select carefully. 

• OSS residents may register for any collection location listed below at their convenience.

• All recycling collections are NOT OPEN TO BUSINESSES or INSTITUTIONS.

IMPORTANT: Additional details about the Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Collection are noted at the bottom of this page.


• NO CHARGE: There is no charge to recycle materials during this collection.

• Limit: Fluids will not be accepted in containers larger than 5 gallons.

ATTENTION: Single-use alkaline batteries are made of common metals and are not cost effective to recycle.  A small number of alkaline batteries can safely be disposed of in the trash.  This type of battery will not be accepted during the HHW Collections, however, recycling options are available.  Click on: Battery Recycling Alternatives for more details.

  PROPER HANDLING:                                                       PROPER HANDLING:                                                                                                                                    PROPER HANDLING:
  • a small number of alkaline batteries can             • tape battery terminals (the ends of the battery)                                                                                      • when transporting, keep upright in a
     safely be disposed of in the trash                           • use electrical, clear packing or duct tape                                                                                                     leak proof container
                                                                                                • button batteries – tape battery to small piece of paper before recycling

• Collection Event Details: For more details regarding materials accepted / not accepted, proper handling, etc. click on: HHW page.