About the Waste Reduction Assistance Program

The Waste Reduction Assistance Program (WRAP) is a free service of the OSS Solid Waste District designed to assist business, industrial, non-profit, and commercial operations in evaluating and reducing their solid waste.  

Waste Assessment

A representative of the District will visit your facility and conduct a waste assessment to evaluate how your waste is presently being managed and make recommendations for improvement.  These changes can result in a cost savings for your business.

Benefits of the Program

  • Assessing the volume and type of waste that is generated at a facility to make more effective decisions on managing the waste.
  • Evaluation of present solid waste hauling and recycling contracts with suggestions on how to reduce costs.
  • Assisting in locating markets for hard to recycle materials.
  • Recommending changes in production that will result in waste reduction.
  • Assisting in the establishment of new recycling programs to handle materials such as office paper.
  • Providing training sessions and assistance to educate employees about new and existing waste reduction programs.
  • Assisting local economic development officials with the solid waste needs of new business or industry moving into the District.

More Information

For more information or to schedule a waste assessment contact Recycling Specialist, Jim Darr.


Jim Darr

Recycling Specialist
OSS Solid Waste District Main Office
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