Slide I made a reindeer ornament with used wine corks, recycled Christmas ribbon and straight pins from a package of men's shirts. The small package he is holding and the pipe cleaners were new from the dollar store. Adult Best Mix Winner Slide Used a pop bottle and cardboard that was going to be thrown away Slide My ornament is a snow globe with a sloth hanging off a branch. The snow globe is a reused water bottle. The snow inside was microbead stuffing for a pillow or stuffed animal. The sloth is cut from wrapping paper scraps. The pink tape around the top and bottom is paper tape that was new. Everything used in my snow globe was found in my home. Slide I glued the peanuts together, colored them with marker and my counselor cut off a friendship bracelet from camp fire and hung it up. Slide I reused a biscuit tube and aluminum foil from our breakfast meal:) the Pillsbury flaky biscuit tube is a twister once you open the biscuits. I cut off the top and bottom and decorated with the foil used on the pan. The only thing I didn't reuse is the markers to color and the string to hang it. I call the ornament "a flaky twist of christmas." Slide Pine tree ornament I use a paper towel roll & folded in half. I broke off pinecone scales from 2 pinecones found in yard. Garland is discarded plastic wrap. Star is paper quilled and trunk is a repurposed clothespin. Adult Paper Tube Winner Slide Santa is made from an aluminum can, and an old Santa hat, with paint, felt, paper, yarn and glitter. Slide I made my Santa out of a toilet paper tube. Also re used an old golf ball I found. I used some wire my dad had for the glasses and some cotton balls. Child Paper Tube Winner Slide It is a Christmas tree. The material are toilet paper roll, String, tape, and crayons. The string and tape were new and the crayons and the toilet paper roll were used. Slide Toilet paper tube Easter egg to hold top of head, head is foam and felt from other items. A piece of fake snow blanket for body around tube, wooden stir stick for arms, sticky foam to place buttons and pieces (no glue) everything including felt is repurposed from something else. Child Best Mix Winner Slide A paper ornament made from a toilet paper roll, filled with beads. This can be used to make music while we sing Christmas songs. Slide Used water bottle, various lids from tooth paste, bottle caps for snowman, left over white & black paint. New glitter glue & wire