In a continued effort to make connections with kids and maintain social distancing, the OSS Solid Waste District is pleased to offer a Spring Sidewalk Chalk Challenge.

The Ottawa Sandusky Seneca County Joint Solid Waste Management District and Kiwanis International of Fremont Sidewalk Chalk Challenge with our local preschools and daycares.  This 4 week challenge encourages preschools and daycares to get their kids outside and create pictures and art around a weekly theme, leading up to Earth Day. 

Please take pictures of your finished chalk art.  Follow the link provided to complete the participation form, which has space to upload up to 10 photos per weekly theme.  Each week of participation will enter your school in a drawing for a collection of environmental stories provided by Kiwanis International of Fremont. Preschools/daycares will receive a “Small Hands Make a Big Difference” certificate.  #OSSChalkChallenge 

April 19-23:
April 26-30:
May 3-7:
May 10-14:

Make Every Day Earth Day
Don’t Litter: Be Kind to the Earth
Spring Into Action: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Spring Into Action: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle